Monday, November 25, 2013

Shame on Bubblews

11:30 PM

I honestly am SOOO disappointed in Bubblews. It is a site where you can earn money by writing. Ive been a member and a devoted writer on the site since February 2013. I had written 350 great quality articles for that site.

For the past two months I have been emailing them asking when I was going to receive my money. They owe me about $700 from all my articles. Anyways, they sent me an email two days ago saying I was going to have all $678 sent to my PayPal account by today.

Just minutes ago I tried to login to my account, It wouldn't allow me to. It said my account did not exist. So I went to my email account to see what was going on. Apparently I had copied an article a  very long time ago. First, I write everything completely in my own words and there is no way for that to happen. And secondly, why were they just finding this?

I reviewed the site that they claim that I copied from, there was not one word or phrase that was in any way the same. They deleted my account, when the rules state that if you plagiarize, your account will be suspended and the article will be deleted.

So, how is it that on my first offense that my account get's deleted? It sounds like they really didn't want to pay out the money that I worked hard to earn. They are so lucky that ALL of my articles are written down in notebooks, or already typed up and saved on my computer. Otherwise I would be starting a war.

Be aware of this site if you want to write for them. The payments are always delayed, or they delete you so they dont have to payout. They allow even the worst writer's to earn money on the site. Not saying you are, but Ive been told Im one of the best and was the highest earning writer on the site.

I feel I will be better off writing on my blog. Have you had any issues such as these with Bubblews?

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