Saturday, December 7, 2013

LikePlanet Provides Quality Likes,Follows and Shares to Your Facebook Pages and more

I want to share with you truly awesome that I found recently. It's called It helps you easily obtain new likes and followers to your Facebook, Youtube,Twitter etc.

With LikePlanet you can get:

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You earn a daily bonus of 50 points. And you earn $0.12 or 100 point's everytime someone signs up with your referral link.

LikePlanet is a good source in a building Facebook pages by filling them up with quality fans/likes. It really does increase the likes,followers and shares to your stuff super fast.

Check it out HERE

I honestly recommend it to anyone is trying to build a good size Facebook page. I personally use it for my Facebook pages and it has helped it so much.

Friday, November 29, 2013

The Sign's Of Amotivational Syndrome

Amotivational Syndrome is the impaired desire to engage in normal social activities and situations due to external factor’s such as: relationship’s,substance or events.

It occurs most often in people who lack the normal amount of serotonin and individuals who engage in smoking or ingesting marijuana.


1.) Reduced Energy
2.) Reduced desire to participate in meaningful activities
3.) Reduced attentiveness
4.) Reduced concentration
5.) Apathy
6.) Lethargy
7.) Impaired desire to participate in social interactions
8.) Reduced desire to work
10.) Passivity
11.) Introversion
12.) Reduced desire to compete


*Currently DR’s are prescribing Ultram (Tramadol) for Amotivational Syndrome. It is one of the off label uses.
*Spending time with friends and family who are positive and motivational
*Medications that increase serotonin levels
*Not smoking or ingesting marijuana.
*Taking a natural supplement such as 5 HTP and St. John's Wort boost's the amount of Serotonin in the Body, which also boost's your level of motivation.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

How To Boost Your Metabolism Naturally

METABOLISM- the processes that either break down for energy or build up the cells and the tissues that replenish our body.

Burning fat requires chemical reactions from help of certain vitamins and other nutrients. Providing yourself ample amounts of those key ingredients promote fat burning and increase your metabolism.

1. B-VITAMIN COMPLEX- The primary function is to help metabolize carbohydrates,fats and proteins. And help your body unlock abd utilize the stored energy in food.
  • B1/Thiamine: helps breakdown carbs and fats
  • B2/Riboflavin: Helps transport energy to cells
  • B5/Pantothenic Acid: Contributes to the structure of several enzymes that metabolize fats, including coenzyme A.Which plays a very important role in synthesis and breakdown of fatty acids.

  • Niacin,Vitamin B6 & Iron- increase metabolism by assisting in the production of L-carnitine-an amino acid that promotes fat burning. Your body synthesizes L-Carnitine from the essential amino acids lysine & metionine in the liver. Almost all of the carnitine in your body is stored in your muscle tissue. L-Carnitine also promotes the release of triglycerides into the bloodstream and then into the muscles to be burned for energy.

3.Coenzyme Q10- also known as CoQ10 or ubiquione- is directly involved in the production of energy in the mitochondria of every cell in your body.By making more oxygen for the body to the muscle cells.
  • It also helps increase strength and efficiency of muscles.
  • Its particulary effective in the heart muscle and enables people with heart conditions to exercise longer and burn more fat.
  • Overall, it increase exercise endurance.

4. Creatine-
  • A compound that muscles use to store energy. Ergo genic aid to enhance athetic performance. While it is a ready souce of fuel and muscles, it rapidly depleted and muscles only store small amounts of it.
  • It is derived from animal products, it is often low in vegetatians.
  • It may improve muscle strength by up to 15%
  • Creatine plus a weight training program is proven to decrease body fat.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Shame on Bubblews

I honestly am SOOO disappointed in Bubblews. It is a site where you can earn money by writing. Ive been a member and a devoted writer on the site since February 2013. I had written 350 great quality articles for that site.

For the past two months I have been emailing them asking when I was going to receive my money. They owe me about $700 from all my articles. Anyways, they sent me an email two days ago saying I was going to have all $678 sent to my PayPal account by today.

Just minutes ago I tried to login to my account, It wouldn't allow me to. It said my account did not exist. So I went to my email account to see what was going on. Apparently I had copied an article a  very long time ago. First, I write everything completely in my own words and there is no way for that to happen. And secondly, why were they just finding this?

I reviewed the site that they claim that I copied from, there was not one word or phrase that was in any way the same. They deleted my account, when the rules state that if you plagiarize, your account will be suspended and the article will be deleted.

So, how is it that on my first offense that my account get's deleted? It sounds like they really didn't want to pay out the money that I worked hard to earn. They are so lucky that ALL of my articles are written down in notebooks, or already typed up and saved on my computer. Otherwise I would be starting a war.

Be aware of this site if you want to write for them. The payments are always delayed, or they delete you so they dont have to payout. They allow even the worst writer's to earn money on the site. Not saying you are, but Ive been told Im one of the best and was the highest earning writer on the site.

I feel I will be better off writing on my blog. Have you had any issues such as these with Bubblews?

Friday, November 22, 2013

10 Signs Of Kidney Disease

Your kidney's are the size of your fists, and you have two, one located of each side of your lower back. Your kidney's are in charge of filtering Uremia (waste) out of your blood. When you have high blood pressure your kidney's become damaged and are unable to do the job properly anymore.

High blood pressure can be caused from certain medication's that we take and food's that are high in salt. High blood pressure is also called Hypertenstion, and that is when your blood pressure is 140/90 mmHg or higher.

When kidney's are unable to do their job right, water will be pushed aside in the body. Eventually it turns into excess water weight that puts a huge strain on the kidney's and causes blood pressure to skyrocket. One way to know if you have water weight is if it jiggles like a water bed, then it water weight.


  1. Fatigue
  2. Swelling of the hands,legs,feet, face and often the stomach.
  3. Trouble breathing
  4. Back or leg pain. Back pain is located near kidneys and leg pain would be located in the calves.
  5. Changes in Urination such as going more than normal but with a lighter color, or less than normal with a darker color.
  6. Intolerance to the cold.
  7. Nausea and/or Vomiting
  8. Skin rashes and/or itching of the skin
  9. Odd taste in mouth. Either having a metallic like taste in mouth. Or having Ammonia breath.
  10. Decline in cognitive function such as memory problems,trouble paying attention,having trouble concentrating etc.

Since the kidney's are unable to filter the blood properly, your skin will help in taking the stress off of them. When you sweat you release toxins from under the skin, the same goes for your kidneys. In general if you have kidney disease, most of the waste will be pushed through your skin throughout the day. 

To help put less strain on the kidney's you should exercise everyday. Make sure to work up a sweat so you can get more of the uremia out.

Another thing you need to realize is that alot of medication's we take can cause high blood pressure, which means they are very bad on the kidney's. If you suffer from kidney disease it may be time to think about switching to at home treatments instead of DR prescribed medications. They put alot less strain on the kidney's than regular medications.

You should also consider taking a extended release diuretic daily to help lower your blood pressure.  It also helps by ridding the body of excess fluids, salt and potassium. Make sure to drink water if you decide to take a diuretic.

Profit With Social Bookmarking

Ive been a writer for a few years and before I had to write 5-7 articles daily to earn a certain amount. After doing some research about how beneficial social bookmarking is, I decided to jump in headfirst. The site I currently write for,Bubblews provides share button's next to the articles. Each one comes with the following share buttons: Facebook,Google +, LinkedIn,Tumblr and Pinterest.

When I first started out with social bookmarking I just pressed submit and went on my way. But went I came back to check to see if I had any Repins or more shares, I wasn't getting a impressionable result. But then I remembered that one of the key's to getting your content found is by using tag's and keywords. So I went on to all my accounts and I edited the posts and made sure to add relevant keywords.

It took me one week to go through all my accounts to add the tags. During that time I also joined some other social bookmarking sites and made sure to tags there as well. After three day's their was a very noticeable difference in my traffic to my Bubblews account. And there was notification's from all my social bookmarking accounts letting me know that people had repinned my Pin's on Pinterest.


  1. Submit every single piece of content that has earning potential to every social bookmarking site possible.
  2. Register to the most popular social bookmarking sites on the web.
  3. Use relevant keywords and tags when you submit your content on social bookmarking sites

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

How To Get Started With Google Adsense

It's surprising how much you can really earn when you try to earn through Google Adsense. Click here if you want some tips of how to start earning with Google Adsense.


Many people view Fibromyalgia as if it is not possible for it to be cured. But I have gotten rid of it, and it hasn't came back. 9 Months ago I was still taking 56 pills a day.  I am currently pain and fatigue free. Once I got rid of it I decided to become a writer so I could help other sufferer's get rid of it for good. Here are the articles I wrote on how to get rid of it. The one you should hurry up and look at is the one about Candida Overgrowth.



Candida overgrowth is the most common cause of Fibromyalgia. Click the links above to find out how to get rid of your Fibromyalgia like I did to mine.

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